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Asset Reporting Assistance from the Professionals at Liquis

Asset ReportingEnsuring accurate asset reporting is essential whether you’re shutting down a facility, moving to a new location, or simply making room in your office. At Liquis, we provide an array of services that may prove useful to you – from e-waste recycling to data center decommissioning – and all of them involve detailed asset reporting.

Perhaps you’re undergoing a facility shutdown and need to restore the location to its original condition, per your landlord’s orders. We can remove everything from the building, including the following assets:

  • bulletOffice furniture
  • bulletServers and server racks
  • bulletTest equipment
  • bulletGenerators
  • bulletSoftware
  • bulletPrinters
  • bulletUPS systems
  • bulletPCs and laptops
  • bulletMonitors
  • bulletCables
  • bulletAnd others

Once we have removed these products, or you have shipped them to our location, we will take a careful inventory and record the asset tags of every item that we receive before deciding how to best handle it. Whether you have hard drives that require data destruction, e-waste that needs to be recycled, or items that can be remarketed to other companies, your products will be tracked using our LiquiTraq software. Not only can this proprietary software provide you with instant access to information on all of your assets, it will also put the asset reporting tools that you need right at your fingertips. It’s just one way that Liquis can make asset management as easy as possible for you.


For more information on our asset recovery services, including the asset reporting component, contact Liquis today.