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Liquis: Not Like the Other Battery Disposal Companies

Battery Disposal CompaniesWhen it comes to battery disposal companies, you need to be sure that you choose one with experienced professionals. Because they conduct electricity, safely removing UPS batteries from a facility requires careful disconnection. Plus, the batteries contain hazardous chemicals, so it’s imperative that they be disposed of properly to minimize the environmental impact. At Liquis, our experts have years of experience in removing UPS batteries, Absolyte batteries, and more from our clients’ facilities. We can also recycle them and possibly provide you with a financial return.


The professionals at Liquis stand out from other battery disposal companies because in addition to disposing of batteries, we are well-versed in uninstalling and removing a wide range of other items, including:


  • Data center gear
  • Industrial generators
  • Computer room raised flooring
  • Halon
  • Metal scrap and e-waste
  • Material handling equipment
  • Air conditioners
  • And much more


Perhaps you want these items removed due to a facility shutdown. If that’s the case, Liquis can manage every aspect of your data center decommission from start to finish, ensuring that your facility is returned to its original state. Our flexible data center decommissioning services can be tailored to suit the needs of facilities large and small. With our unique combination of knowledge, experience and resources, we can handle virtually any volume of products and meet the demands of all stakeholders involved.


If you want to learn more about how Liquis stands out from other UPS battery disposal companies, contact us today.