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Liquis Can Buy Your UPS Battery & Other E-Waste

Buy UPS BatteryIt’s important to find a reputable company to buy your UPS battery waste, and you should make your choice with care. After all, reselling your e-waste without proper management could lead to huge legal issues for your business. In order to avoid complications and limit your company’s liabilities, you should turn to Liquis, where our professionals are 100-percent committed to providing the best liability protection possible.


We know that your needs may extend beyond removing your UPS batteries or disposing of your cadmium-based Absolyte batteries, so we can also buy and remove a variety of other assets, such as:

  • PCs and laptops

  • Servers and server racks

  • Air conditioning units

  • Chillers or condensers

  • Switchgear

  • Raised computer room flooring

  • Printers and toner

  • Environmental chambers

  • Scrap metal and wire

  • And more

No matter how many of these items you need removed from your facility, we can utilize our end-to-end software, LiquiTraq, to monitor all of the data on your recycled assets or any components that can be remarketed to other companies. Plus, with our downstream auditing, we ensure that every item our partners recycle is disposed of in a way that meets or exceeds EPA standards, as well as local and state guidelines. It’s just one of the ways we help mitigate your liability during our e-waste disposal process.


If you’d like more information about how Liquis can buy your UPS battery collection or a wide range of other assets, contact us today. We can also offer you end-to-end facility shutdown and data center decommission services.