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Cooling Tower Removal for Businesses Around the United States

When exiting a site or upgrading equipment, cooling tower removal can be a daunting experience. Common applications of our customers' cooling towers include chemical plants, semiconductor plants, HVAC systems for cooling buildings and datacenters, and refineries. We remove both HVAC and industrial cooling towers. At Liquis, we are experienced not only with the removal and rigging, but the resale for reuse and the scrapping if necessary. We can help you remove one cooling tower or ten. With our expert removal team and project managers, you can be assured of a successful removal process.


Our services, however, include much more than removing cooling towers. At Liquis, we specialize in all aspects of the facility decommission process, including:

In order to best serve you, we can tailor our services to meet your company’s needs, no matter the size of the facility or the scope of the job. We pride ourselves on our years of experience, our impeccable attention to detail, and the flexibility of our services, which together allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations again and again.



If you’re looking for an experienced and trustworthy company to handle cooling tower removal, boiler removal, chiller removal, as well as a whole range of other services, contact Liquis today.

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