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Removal of your equipment and restoration of your building

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Data Center Decommission Services from the Experts at Liquis
Data center decommission

Going through a data center decommission, whether you’re just updating current equipment or handling a facility shutdown, is more and more common in the IT industry, and Liquis can help you through the process. When you need to remove generators, power systems, and servers, turn to our experienced professionals, who make it their mission to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your business.

Liquis can provide a wide range of services during your data center decommissioning process, including:


  • Appraisal of equipment

  • Liquidation of equipment

  • Removal of cables, conduit, wiring, and piping

  • Clean up of the facility

  • Detailed reporting on any recycling, sales, and internal reuse

  • Disassembly and rigging

  • Rebuilding or repair of walls, ceilings, and floors

  • Redeploying items to your other facilities

  • Recycling of any item that cannot be repurposed or sold

  • Complete purchase of assets


At Liquis, we customize our services to suit your particular needs and to meet any specific constraints you have. We will manage a variety of assets and multiple stakeholders, and we will also develop different strategies depending on the quantity of assets and any time constraints you have. Our expertise means that you can focus more time on your core competencies and leave the complete liquidation of all of your data center items to our skilled professionals.

Contact Liquis today to learn more about how we can help with your data center decommission, or to find out more about our other services, including e-waste disposal, IT asset recycling, and hard drive destruction.