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Data Center Shutdown is Simple with Liquis Asset Recovery Services

Data center shutdownData center shutdown can seem like an overwhelming task, but Liquis is here to help you. Even with rows of servers and other equipment, we can clear out your rented or company-owned space quickly and efficiently. Our experienced employees will also work tirelessly to maximize your returns on all of your equipment.


Our wide range of services includes:

  • liquidation of equipmentPre-demolition salvage

  • liquidation of equipmentDisassembly and rigging

  • liquidation of equipmentRemoval of all conduits, wiring, and piping

  • liquidation of equipmentAppraisal of equipment

  • liquidation of equipmentLiquidation of all of your data center equipment

  • liquidation of equipmentCrating and loading of heavy equipment into containers or onto trucks

  • liquidation of equipmentRedeploying equipment to new location

  • liquidation of equipmentComplete buy-out or purchase of your assets

  • liquidation of equipmentE-waste recycling of items that can't be sold or repurposed

  • liquidation of equipmentRebuilding or repairing walls, floors, and ceiling

  • liquidation of equipmentComprehensive reporting of all sales, recycling, and internal reuse

  • liquidation of equipmentCleaning up your facility prior to turning it over


All of these services can be tailored to suit your needs, and you can choose the right combination to satisfy all of your stakeholders. With our employees’ combination of experience, knowledge, and an effective worldwide marketing approach, we can perform your data center liquidation quickly. Our skills also allow you to focus your time and money on your core competencies, rather than worrying about data center shutdown issues.


Contact us today to learn more about your available data center shutdown options, as well as our asset recovery, recycling, and disposal services. At Liquis, we’re your one-stop shop, complete with the ability to receive or pick up items, destroy data, and recycle and remarket assets.