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Data Destruction Services Available for Businesses throughout the U.S.

Data Destruction ServicesCompanies that need data destruction services should look to Liquis for help. It can be difficult to ensure that information about your business and your clients doesn’t fall into the wrong hands when you dispose of electronics. Working with Liquis means that instead of worrying about where your data will end up, you can be sure it is completely destroyed.


You can choose for us to wipe data to Department of Defense standards, which virtually destroys the data, or you can opt for us to physically destroy your data by crushing your components. When Liquis wipes data, we take every step to remove the possibility of human error from the process. That means we utilize automated software to perform the wiping and to record related data. Plus, our proprietary software LiquiTraq will keep you informed as we move through every step of the process.


Even if your company requires on-site data destruction services, Liquis has the capability and the manpower needed to travel to your location, wipe, and certify the wiping. Not only is this option a rapid solution, but it offers increased security when dealing with your sensitive data.


We are proud to offer a whole array of additional services you may find useful, such as:


Whether you want to learn more about our data destruction services or you’d like details on all of our other specialties, contact Liquis today.