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hard drive destruction services

Hard drive wipe and data destruction services

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Hard drive wipe and data destruction services
Data Security

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, HIPAA compliance and generally tighter corporate governance require you to be more diligent and accurate in your data handling. At Liquis, we understand those requirements and what is at stake for you. Your data and your customer's data are of paramount importance to us. Not only do we certify the destruction of your data, whether you want virtual destruction via wiping to DoD standards or physical destruction via mechanical crushing, but Liquis employs a proprietary, multi-check system, LiquiShredTM, designed to:

data destruction Ensure destruction
hard drive wipe Track destruction
hdd wipe Create personal accountability on the part of our team members
data destroy Report to our clients complete, accurate and timely information

Avoid Pitfalls

For anyone destroying data, human error is the biggest impediment to success. Not being successful in wiping data can have serious financial consequences. Manually scanning or manually recording serial numbers of systems that are not actually wiped is common. Automated wipe software that records wipe data to a separate system over a network is the first step in bullet-proofing the wipe process. The second step is to compare system serial numbers to the "confirmed wipe" database before that system is allowed to proceed out of the wipe area.

Automated Wipe Confirmations

LiquiTraq, our in-house proprietary tracking software is integrated with LiquiShred, our proprietary wipe software, to create an automated wipe and confirm process. Each system, once wiped, sends system specific information and wipe-data to LiquiTraq. Each system, before leaving the wipe area, has its serial number scanned into to LiquiTraq to verify the wipe occurred. This system leaves no room for human error in the wipe process. Your company cannot afford to accept less.

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Onsite Data Destruction

Many companies require systems to be wiped prior to leaving company-owned facilities. The manpower and space to perform this task is often unavailable or in short supply. Liquis is uniquely equipped to go on-site to rapidly and securely wipe your PCs, laptops and servers to Department of Defense (DoD) 5220-22-M three-pass standard, leaving you with documentation and confidence of 100% success. Our in-house suite of tools (LiquiTraq and LiquiShred) and the Liquis processes are completely portable. Liquis's automated wipe confirmation process is created in your building(s) to ensure the highest level of security in an ad-hoc wiping environment. Your wiped systems do not leave your facilities until you receive certifications of wipes and you are completely satisfied with the results.

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Please contact us to meet in person or to schedule a conference call to discuss your unique data needs. Call us at (800) 437-9703 x101. We look forward to working with you on all of your asset recovery, furniture liquidation, generator removal, cable abatement, UPS battery recycling, and data destruction needs.