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Liquis e-PAQ: A self-managed E-waste solution

Liquis offers an easy solution for recycling all of your e-waste. With one call, or after completing the online form, we send you an e-PAQ that you assemble and load with your e-waste. The e-PAQ can handle up to 1500 lbs of PCs, laptops, network equipment, servers, CRT & LCD monitors, telecom gear, UPS & laptop batteries, computer accessories, software, and cables & phone cords. You can fill it immediately or keep it as long as you like. After filling it up, call us and we'll arrange return shipping. We will process all of the ewaste, recycle everything, and provide detailed reporting of your assets. This complete turnkey service is offered for one low rate. For an additional fee, we'll wipe and destroy all data on all hard drives and provide detailed reporting of the serial numbers of the hard drives as well as the details of the wipe or destruction. ePAQ ewaste container

One Rate One Crate

The Liquis e-PAQ could not be simpler to deploy to all of your locations in the US that have surplus IT assets. After just one call, and for one rate, your company will receive the e-PAQ, be able to fill it up, and have all of your ewaste and recyclable IT equipment professionally managed. We'll arrange shipping to our secure warehouse, inventory everything, record information that is important to you like the asset tags, serial numbers of the machines, as well as responsibly recycle all of the items. All of this for just one rate. How could that be easier?

Video with Directions

This video shows just how easy it can be to receive, assemble, fill up and return the e-PAQ from your building. Wait until you've got a bunch of assets ready to go or fill it up over time. Either way, call or email Liquis when you are ready to have the assets processed and we'll arrange to have the e-PAQ picked up and returned to our processing facility.


Below are links to details of some of our customer projects. We are proud of our positive relationships with our clients and will be happy to provide references. Just ask when you contact us.

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