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Processes and Technical Methodologies

At Liquis, we aim to please our customers with efficient, effective and comprehensive services that are consistent over time. We understand the critical importance of creating and maintaining processes and methodologies that drive our services and our ability to deliver results. To that end we developed LiquiTraq, our internally developed software that drives our processes during asset recovery, facility shutdowns, data destruction and recycling.

Asset Recovery

LiquiTraq was developed internally to better track assets and drive the processes of asset recovery. LiquiTraq was created for scale in terms of amount of data, type of items, number of users and number of locations. Using LiquiTraq, we begin tracking assets by the pallet as soon as they reach our docks (or leave yours if we are on-site). LiquiTraq is integrated into every facet of our operations such that every department, inventory, testing, finance, sales, customer service and shipping all use LiquiTraq.

asset recovery process

Facility Shutdown

Facility shutdowns require managing many dynamic processes (machinery, fire control, logistics, electrical, network, etc.) and personnel (often in the hundreds) simultaneously. LiquiTraq is a mobile suite of software that is used for planning, execution and reporting to drive and document the shutdown process. Timelines are created and shared within LiquiTraq for each project. As the projects are executed, timelines are updated to reflect realtime progress. Assets involved in the shutdown are inventoried and tracked within LiquiTraq. At the project's conclusion, summaries are made available through LiquiTraq with metrics and details that allow for thorough analysis.

Data Destruction

LiquiShred, our proprietary wipe software is integrated with LiquiTraq to create an automated wipe and confirm process that is documented and bullet-proof. This data destruction system leaves no room for human error in the wipe process and your company cannot afford to accept less. The LiquiShred process entails automated wiping and data capture such that each system is confirmed wiped, independent of human data entry, prior to proceeding to next steps.


Tracking your assets, whether they are remarketed or recycled, is essential for your company where Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements exist. LiquiTraq provides end-to-end visibility by being the central repository of data, tracking your recycled assets. Liquis manages and tracks your assets, manages downstream recycling partners and makes available detailed asset data through LiquiTraq. Liquis processes and data availability within LiquiTraq ensure that when assets are recycled, it is performed to high standards.


Below are links to details of some of our customer projects. We are proud of our positive relationships with our clients and will be happy to provide references. Just ask when you contact us.

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