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Liquis wants to purchase your unused assets
  • Data Center Gear

    We want to buy or help you remove any surplus equipment from your datacenter. We are interested in server racks, computer room raised flooring, air conditioners, PDUs, generators, battery backup systems, the scrap wire under the floors, as well as any IT equipment, network, or telecom gear. We offer a turnkey service for all of your data center shutdown needs.

  • Computer Room Raised Flooring

    We want to purchase and remove your old computer room flooring. Whether the flooring is concrete, aluminum, solid or hollow, laminated or carpeted, we are interested. Because of shipping costs, we'd prefer at least 2,500 square feet if the raised flooring is the only thing you want to sell, but would be interested in less if other equipment is included.

  • Industrial Generators

    Liquis purchases and removes generators that are 150Kw and up. Our extensive rigging and removal experience is second to none. We are interested in the following manufacturers: Caterpillar, GE, Magnetek, MWM, Solar, Cummins, Generac, MAN, MWM/DEUTZ, Wartsila, Cummins Wartsila, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Olympian, Waukesha, Detroit, Jenbacher, MQ, Perkins, Westinghouse, Detroit/MTU, Kohler, MTU, Shindaiwa, Yanmar, EMD, Leroy, Somer, and Multiquip.

  • Halon

    We want your halon. We are interested in halon 1301, halon 1211, and FM200. Whether you have a single tank, multiple fire extinguishers, or a complex system with thousands of pounds of halon, we are interested in helping you remove it. We remove nationwide and if the quantity is sufficient, anywhere in the world. We use hazmat licensed shippers and can remove your gas safely and quickly.

  • Material Handling Equipment

    We buy and remove all types of material handling equipment including conveyor, robots, pallet racks, flow rack, forklifts, shelving, and other equipment. We would prefer to dissassemble and remove the equipment we buy, but contact us to get a quote for any surplus that is already in storage.

  • Metal Scrap / e-Waste

    From scrap wire under your raised flooring to spools of unused wire, we are interested in helping you recover demolition costs on your project by reclaiming the scrap material. We are interested in copper, aluminum, stainless steel, rebar, and other metal materials that are surplus scrap.

  • Air Conditioners

    We are interested in your datacenter air conditioners. We are most interested in purchasing Liebert systems but will also help you remove any make or model. Whether your unit is upflow or downflow, 2-ton or 20-ton, or cools via air, water, glycol, or Glycool, Liquis wants to bid on your units. We have an experienced rigging team to remove your units safely and quickly from any building. Contact us today for removals as soon as 7 days.

  • Electrical Gear

    From basic switchgear to massive units, we are interested in all of your electrical gear. We've purchased transformers, circuit breakers, PLC and control boxes, excess wire, and other types of electrical gear. We are interested in all manufacturers including Square-D, Cutler Hammer, B-Line, and Allen-Bradley.

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  • buy and sell used generators

    Data Center Shutdown - Recent Project

    Click below for a short video of a project we did for our client. This customer provides innovative systems, products, and solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, shipbuilding and technical services to government and commercial customers worldwide. We completely removed everything from their data center - quickly, safely and under budget.