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Liquidation Services in Bridgeport & Stamford, CT

If you're considering a move either to or from the area, then Liquis Inc. will be able to help you with your Bridgeport-Stamford Connecticut IT recycling downsizing, upsizing, or liquidation. We're able to help companies of all sizes across the city, across the state, across the country, or even up to Canada. Our company has been around since 2002, and our staff is a dedicated one with a lot of experience, friendly attitude, plus much knowledge about what they do!

We can help you with facility shutdowns, data destruction, asset recovery, raised floor removal, and computer recycling in Bridgeport-Stamford Connecticut. We always strive to be environmentally aware and our goal is to reuse, recycle, and reduce everything possible that's found within your company. Computer liquidations have to be handled properly, or things can definitely slip through the cracks -- and this can be quite literal. What about all that data which is been accumulating on both stored and in use computers?

Our company will help you with your IT liquidation and computer recycling in Bridgeport, amongst other things:

Removal of PDUs, UPSs, and raised flooring
Tracking of any data destruction
IT Recycling in your Bridgeport - Stamford CT location
Equipment relocation to other internal facilities
Battery backup gear (UPS) disconnect and removal

Bridgeport & Stamford Liquidation Services

The Bridgeport Stamford Connecticut area is a thriving community for business, arts, and leisure time activities. The more we can help you with your IT recycling needs by being your liquidation companies, the more time there will be available for you enjoy all of the areas many amenities.

You can contact Liquis via email, reach us at our toll free phone number: 800 437 9703 xt 101, or fill out this form and we'll reply immediately.

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