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Liquis Makes Liquidation of Assets Easy

Liquidation AssetsWhen the liquidation of assets is in your future, you can count on Liquis to make the process as simple as possible while maximizing your returns. Our professionals have years of experience in shutting down facilities all across the country, so you can count on them to efficiently and methodically dispose of all of your unneeded items. Perhaps you’re looking to liquidate the assets in your data center, a situation which poses many possible problems. Luckily, Liquis is prepared to make the process run as smoothly as possible.


One of the major issues in asset liquidation is simply removing the items from the facility in question. We have the skills needed to take out the following items:


  • PCs
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Network equipment
  • Software
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Generators
  • Test equipment
  • AC units
  • Battery backups
  • Cables
  • And more

Some of these assets likely have sensitive information on them, which is why we offer data destruction solutions to our clients. We can electronically wipe hard drives to meet Department of Defense standards, and we can even mechanically crush components to ensure information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Other services we offer include e-waste recycling, asset tracking, IT asset recovery, warehousing, and shutting down entire facilities. With this range of capabilities, our team of experienced professionals can discuss your particular asset liquidation needs with you, and then come up with a solution that works best for your situation.


For more information on making the liquidation of your assets as simple as possible, contact Liquis today.