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Raised Floor Removal for Data Centers and Other Facilities throughout the Nation

raised floorRaised floor panels are a common component of data centers, but they must also be carefully removed during a data center decommission in order to restore the facility to its previous state. If you need to take out your computer room raised access floor to meet your landlord’s demands, there’s no better place to turn than Liquis. With our expert electricians, riggers, and laborers, you can be certain that we have the experience, skill, and manpower necessary to help complete your project as quickly as possible. Best of all, we aren’t only capable of removing thousands of square feet of raised floor panels at a time – we can also purchase it from you when we’re finished.


At Liquis, we also have the expertise needed to repair everything from ceilings to doors and walls as we restore your data center to its original condition. Our other data center decommission services can include removing the following items:


  • PCs
  • Monitors
  • Network gear
  • Network, CAT5, and PBX cables
  • Halon gas
  • arrowTowers, boilers, chillers, and packaged HVAC units
  • arrowUPS batteries and PDUs
  • arrowOffice furniture
  • arrowAnd many other components

You can sell many of these items to us through our liquidation services, or you can utilize our asset recovery or facility shutdown solutions. Contact the experts at Liquis today for more information on our raised floor removal process or any of the other useful services we offer.