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Sell Network Equipment to the Experts at Liquis

Sell Network EquipmentWhen you sell your network equipment instead of simply housing it indefinitely, it not only helps conserve your data center’s limited space, but it can also earn you some money. At Liquis, we will not only purchase your network equipment, we’ll buy many of your assets.


We’re interested in many of the items you’d find in a typical data center, including:


  • Data center gear, such as server racks, telecom equipment, and various IT equipment
  • Computer room raised flooring in concrete and aluminum options
  • Industrial generators built by Caterpillar, Olympian, Cummins, Mitsubishi, and other top manufacturers
  • Fire suppressants, including halon 1391, halon 1211, and FM200
  • Material handling equipment like conveyors, robots, pallet racks, shelving, and more
  • Metal scrap and e-waste, such as unused wire, steel, rebar, copper, and aluminum
  • Air conditioners that cool via air, glycol, water, and other cooling methods
  • Electrical gear, including transformers, circuit breakers, control boxes, and more from all manufacturers


Not only can we purchase all of these products from you, we will also remove many of them from your facilities for you. For instance, our crews can carefully take out your data center air conditioners within seven days of your call. We can even use hazmat licensed shippers who know how to remove thousands of pounds of halon in the safest and most efficient way. So, when you want to sell used servers and other networking equipment, trust the experts at Liquis.


For more information on how we can sell your network equipment, as well as on our other services, including facility shutdown and e-waste recycling, contact Liquis today.