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Liquis Services

Liquis is nimble and flexible in working with our clients. We want to eliminate pain-points, not create additional layers of complexity. To that end, the following is a list of services we offer, but is not exhaustive in the ways we have worked with our clients. Please call us with your unique needs so that we can create a relationship that works for you.

asset recovery testing

asset recovery inventory

asset recovery reporting

asset recovery reporting

asset recovery recycling

Your time and energy is best spent on your core competencies. Liquis has the experience, breadth of knowledge and worldwide marketing approach to liquidate your disparate assets in quantity, on time and to your satisfaction.

Please contact us us to meet in person or to schedule a conference call to discuss how Liquis services can work for you. Call us at (800) 437-9703 x101. We look forward to working with you.