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Planning Your Technology Migration? Liquis Can Help with Asset Recovery & E-Waste Management

Technology MigrationIf your business is going through technology migration, you may wonder what to do with your older assets. For a simple solution, turn to Liquis.

To make your technology migration easier, we can recycle virtually any type of outdated product from your facility, including:
  • Servers

  • PCs and monitors

  • Software

  • Printers and copiers

  • Fax machines

  • Telephone systems

  • Test equipment

  • And more


You can also choose to send any of these assets to our location. In fact, our e-PAQ containers are ideal for businesses going through a technology migration because they can be filled at your own pace. For a flat fee, we can send you the container, which you can then fill with up to 1,500 pounds of assorted assets. When the e-PAQ container is full, contact us to arrange shipping back to our facility, where we’ll process all of the items. We’ll also inventory your assets and record all of the tags and serial numbers of your machines – and make this information available to you through our LiquiTraq asset management software. We will thoroughly wipe data from any memory components from your computers, and then we will responsibly recycle all of the items, making the process as secure and easy as possible for you.



If you’re considering technology migration and want an easy way to dispose of your old equipment, contact Liquis today. We can also offer you our expert facility shutdown and asset recovery services.