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Buy or Sell an Uninterruptible Power Supply to Liquis

Uninterrupible power supplyAn uninterruptible power supply is essential to mitigating the risk of disturbances in power to a data center, such as a spike in voltage or a power outage. That’s why Liquis buys these beneficial items and offers them for purchase. If you’re looking to sell an uninterruptible power supply because you’re no longer utilizing it within your system, we can offer you a fair price for the item, which allows you to remove it from your data center while earning a bit of money for your business.



We also offer a wide selection for people looking to purchase a power supply because we continually purchase used UPSs. Our collection is constantly changing, but it always includes high-quality products manufactured by the best companies in the industry, like Liebert, Mitsubishi, Powerware, and others. When you select an uninterruptible power supply, you should consider space limitations, power requirements, and the cost of the unit. You’ll also need to decide whether a tower-style or rack-mounted system would work best for your needs.



In addition to UPSs, you can buy or sell all kinds of equipment at Liquis, including:



  • Data center assets
  • Industrial generators
  • Air conditioners
  • Various other electrical gear
  • And more



One of the benefits of selling your data center equipment to us is that we can come to your facility to remove it, saving you the time it would take to bring the assets to our location. In fact, Liquis has a staff of experienced crews who are specially qualified to take out air conditioners and other complicated components.



For more information on all of the products we offer, including our uninterruptible power supply collection, contact us today. We can also provide a range of services for your business, such as facility shutdown, asset recovery, data center decommission, computer recycling, and much more.