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UPS Battery Disposal Assistance for Facilities throughout the Country

UPS Battery DisposalWhen it comes to UPS battery disposal, you may not know that these components contain dangerous chemicals that could not only pose a threat to human health if mishandled, but could also cause environmental damage if not properly disposed of. That’s why you should look to the experts at Liquis for professional disposal services. Our knowledgeable associates take care in every step of the UPS battery disposal process. In fact, they can even handle the removal of Absolyte batteries, which can be very difficult to dispose of properly.


UPS batteries aren’t the only items we have experience handling. We can also remove and dispose of the following products:


  • Towers, boilers, chillers, and HVAC units

  • Raised computer flooring

  • Fire suppression systems and halon gas

  • Fiber, CAT5, and PBX cables

  • Generators and switchgear

  • Test equipment

  • Lab equipment

  • Servers and server racks

  • Point of sale systems

  • LCDs

  • Office furniture

  • And much more


If you’re looking for help removing any of these items, you might be preparing for a data center decommission or another type of facility shutdown. Our experienced professionals can handle such operations from start to finish, no matter what items you need removed, or what timeframe you’re working within. As part of the facility shutdown, we will not only uninstall these items, but we will also destroy data, recycle components, or resell products as necessary.


Contact Liquis today to find out more about how we stand out from other UPS battery disposal companies, and to learn how we can help with everything from data center decommissioning to IT disposal