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UPS Removal for Businesses across the U.S.

UPS RemovalUPS removal requires professional insight to be sure that the process is completed safely and efficiently. In fact, uninterruptible power supplies contain both potentially lethal voltages and a number of hazardous materials, so they need to be removed carefully to avoid injury or death. That’s why businesses searching for assistance with disposing of their UPS collection should turn to Liquis. Our experts have years of experience, so you can trust that their knowledge and attention to detail will lead to successful UPS removal at your facility.


You may require UPS removal or Absolyte battery removal for a number of reasons. Perhaps the batteries within the unit are reaching the end of their lifespan, which is typically about five years. Or, you might be undergoing a complete data center shutdown that warrants the disposal of your power supplies. No matter why you turn to Liquis for help, we can not only remove these items, but we’ll dispose of them according to proper protocol to minimize environmental impact.


If you need additional assistance with your data center decommission or facility shutdown, Liquis can help by offering the following services:


For more information on our UPS removal services, or any of our other services we provide, contact Liquis today. Our professionals will be happy to answer any of your questions and review your facility’s particular needs.