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Over the past decade, Liquis has grown to become one of the largest infrastructure asset recovery companies in the country. What separates Liquis from other companies is the flexibility of our services and professionalism of our staff. We have the expertise and resources to handle the asset recovery needs of companies large and small in a wide range of industries, and we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each customer. We have the expertise to inventory, record asset tags, recycle to EPA standards, data destruct to Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M three-pass standards, remarket, and provide detailed reporting on your assets.

Whether you own an office building and have an accumulation of assets that need a one-time pickup or you run a large data processing company and need regularly scheduled pickups, we’ll find the asset recovery or disposal solution that works best for you. We even offer the e-Paq container, which is a sturdy, pre-paid crate that can be filled with e-scrap at the customer’s leisure and then shipped or picked up when ready. These containers are perfect for small businesses or for large businesses with many small branches.

Asset Recovery Solutions for Companies across the Nation

Finding asset recovery solutions that work for your business can be difficult, but at Liquis, we can tailor our services to suit your needs. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work when applied to asset recovery, so we customize our approach to every client’s particular circumstances. For instance, perhaps your office is preparing for new furniture, and you’re unsure of what to do with your current, outdated furniture. At Liquis, we will happily pick up all of these items – or you can opt to ship them to us – in one large exchange and remarket them to maximize your returns. On the other hand, a one-time pick-up might not work in your situation. Businesses that generate large amounts of scrap electronics or e-waste may be better served by scheduling regular deliveries to our location.

No matter which combination works best for you, the experts at Liquis will always be ready to answer any of your questions and to help resolve any issues along the way. Customer satisfaction is always our top concern, no matter what type of service you need or how large your business is.

If you would like more information on our IT asset recovery solutions, contact Liquis today.

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In addition to our asset recovery solutions, you may also want to incorporate some of our other services to make the process smoother for your company. Our available services include:

An Array of Asset Recovery Services from Liquis

For all-encompassing, thorough asset recovery services, there’s no better place to turn than Liquis. We are dedicated to keeping the asset recovery process as simple as possible for you by eliminating your pain points, and our experts can handle all aspects of the process from start to finish.

When you choose to utilize the asset recovery services at Liquis, you can either begin the process by shipping your assets to our facility or by requesting that our professionals pick up the materials from your location. After we receive your shipment, we’ll carefully inventory all of your assets utilizing our proprietary software, LiquiTraq. Throughout the entire process, this program will not only make tracking your assets easy, but it will allow you to access information on the items at any time.

Our experts will work to find the most appropriate course of action for each of your items, with sensitive products undergoing a thorough data destruction phase. These assets will then undergo testing, and – if necessary – recycling. Functional products will be stored in our warehouse and then remarketed to maximize your asset recovery. We will then collect payment and ship the items to their buyers, while providing you with payments and detailed reporting on the assets sold.

To find out more about the asset recovery services we offer, contact Liquis today. We also offer other related services, such as facility shutdown, data center decommission, and more.

Using this process, we can dispose of a wide range of items, such as:

IT Asset Recovery Services

When your company is in need of IT asset recovery services that will fit into your unique routine, you can depend on the professional and flexible services at Liquis. We have the expertise and resources to handle the specific asset recovery needs for businesses of all sizes, utilizing IT equipment of all kinds. If you manage a company that accumulates a large amount of e-waste on a consistent basis, we can schedule regular pickups. If you manage a small business or your company has many smaller branches, we offer the convenience of our e-Paq containers, which we will leave at your locations and then pick up when they are filled. Even if you are in the midst of a facility shutdown and need one-time, large-scale IT asset recovery, IT liquidation, or office furniture liquidation, we have the capability to remove any and all of your IT assets.

Tracking your IT assets once we take them is simple with our LiquiTraq asset management system. We provide you with a unique login to our customer portal, where you can access accurate information on your account, including your inventory, the status of an individual item, and numerous reports that exceed auditing guidelines.

For more information on our IT asset recovery services for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and other cities anywhere in the nation, contact Liquis today. We also offer complete office liquidation services.

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Our staff has extensive experience in the proper recovery of a wide variety of IT assets, including: