Team plan and management
Data Center Decommission

Data Center Decommissioning Plan And Management

Decommissioning your data center doesn’t have to be something that takes you months, years, or even decades to complete. It can be broken down into several smaller, more manageable projects that each have their own timeline and budget.

Data center migration in Liquis
Data Center Decommission

Data Center Migration Best Practices

The most important part of any successful data migration is the planning phase. Make sure you have a plan in place before you start, with clear details of what you’re trying to do and an outline of what can go wrong during the move.

E-waste Recycling

What Percent Of E-waste Is Recycled?

E-waste has become a major problem in different world nations due to the limited space available for disposing of these devices. Each year only 10 percent of e-waste is actually recycled securely worldwide, according to statistics from one of the world’s largest recyclers, Total Reclaim, and other recycling companies.

E-waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling Guide: What Components Can Be Recycled

E-waste recycling is extremely important for any business that wishes to decommission its offices. Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge on the specific components that can be recycled and the difficulty in finding accepted recycling centers.

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E-waste Recycling

The Advantages And Disadvantages of E-waste Recycling

We know that e-waste causes pollution and that it is better to recycle it than discard it. In fact, there are several benefits to recycling electronics. By recycling electronic trash, we save natural resources such as oil and metal which has better applications as energy sources.

Asset Recovery Services

How To Liquidate Office Furniture

Selling or liquidating office furniture is simply the process of selling used office furniture which has still maintained its good quality, shape, and appearance.

Asset Recovery Services

Office Liquidators

Liquidation generally means putting a stop to anything related to company operations and project management while discharging, selling, or re-allocating the assets of the business. One of the activities done throughout the process of liquidation is the recovery of used office furniture and other assets.

e-waste recycling

Is E-waste Recycling Essential? WHY?

With each passing day, technology is getting advanced, and tech-savvy fellows are running to stores to grab the latest gadgets. Have you any conception about

Office Liquidation

Why Do You Need Office Liquidation

If you are in charge of a company undergoing a facility shutdown or buyout, office liquidation service providers can ensure you don’t have to work