Data Center Migration Best Practices

The most important part of any successful data migration is the planning phase. Make sure you have a plan in place before you start, with clear details of what you're trying to do and an outline of what can go wrong during the move.

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What Percent Of E-waste Is Recycled?

E-waste has become a major problem in different world nations due to the limited space available for disposing of these devices. Each year only 10 percent of e-waste is actually recycled securely worldwide, according to statistics from one of the world's largest recyclers, Total Reclaim, and other recycling companies.

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Cable Abatement

Cable abatement is a necessity if you are leaving your current facility or you are upgrading your network because abandoned cables don’t only clutter up walls, closets, and ceilings – they can also become fire hazards.

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Selling Your Network Equipment

When you sell your network equipment instead of simply housing it indefinitely, it not only helps conserve your data center’s limited space, but it can also earn you some money. At Liquis, we will not only purchase your network equipment, we’ll buy many of your assets.

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