5 Questions to Ask Your Data Center Decommissioning Provider

Data Center Decommission Provider

More companies have decided to switch from physical data centers to cloud storage, so data center decommissioning has become a trend, despite the tons of work and considerations it requires. Read on and understand the basics behind this project management service.


Data Center Decommissioning Provider


Data Center Decommission: The Process

As decision-makers for your company, you must know the intricacies of this migration to ensure data security. Here’s an overview of the steps for a seamless and risk-free teardown.

Step 1: Initial Set-Up

Draft the scope of work to establish the expected outcomes. Workflows and backup systems must be identified to avoid loss of power or data. A dedicated project manager must access the tasks and track record for proper compliance.

Step 2: Itemizing

Use network discovery tools followed by a physical review to account for affected assets. Hardware items including servers and HVAC equipment must be identified, while software licenses must be compiled. An IT asset disposition provider will determine the final designation of each item.

Step 3: Planning

An implementation plan must be created and executed. Know the timeline, peak hours schedule, and service downtime to prevent losses. Tracking numbers must be prepared for each asset inventory to easily cancel vendor maintenance contracts when necessary.

Step 4: Tooling Up

Make a list of the materials and equipment needed for the data center decommissioning project. Be specific at every step, especially if it requires outside resources and security checks.


Removing Equipment and Data Sanitization


Step 5: Removing Equipment and Data Sanitization

Review hardware and asset recovery checklists. Be sure that the data has been migrated to the cloud before data destruction or data center equipment disconnection. Tag hardware assets whether they will be destroyed inside on-premise data centers, transported offsite on sealed trucks, or due for recycling.

Step 6: Packing and Clean Up

Use appropriate packing materials, especially for those intended to be refurbished. An asset management software will help track the stages, from asset removal and asset destruction.

Step 7: Coordination and Recovery

Coordinate with the service provider to ensure that the disposed and refurbished assets are properly handled. The total value recovered must be accounted for. Also, a detailed statement must be reviewed to ensure compliance with the proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Questions to Ask Your Service Partner

Given the complexities of the job, it is essential to hire experts in the field. Here are the top five questions that you must ask them.

How do you conduct site surveys?

The service provider must conduct site surveys, either virtually or in person. This depends mainly on what clients prefer. But it is highly beneficial to have a vendor that offers both options.

How do you manage old equipment?

Old servers and digital files must be destroyed for security. The service provider must offer flexible options, either doing it on-site or taking it to a secure location. They must also know how to securely remove data from hard drives, before destruction.


The Best Decommissioning Partner


Can you repurpose old assets and equipment?

Decommissioning services maximize the returns from the data center through the resale strategies of equipment liquidation. Ask about their recycling policy, if there are any, as this can be an option for assets that can’t be sold.

Do you carry any insurance?

The provider must carry the correct insurance, including general liability, umbrella coverage, pollution insurance, and cyber insurance. This will protect you and your vendor if something wrong happens.

What are the jobs that you completed?

Ultimately, the experience of the data center commissioning provider is what matters most. Evaluate them based on their actual jobs, both existing and accomplished.

The Best Decommissioning Partner

If you’ve decided to shut down your data center and shift your company to a more convenient choice, then hiring the services of a data center decommissioning provider is the ultimate option.

To ensure a successful decommissioning process, you must choose an expert. At Liquis Inc, we tick all the right boxes for your needs. We’ve successfully completed numerous projects of all types of facilities. To know more about what we can offer, check our website or give us a call.

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