Why Your Company Should Use Professional Decommissioning Services Vs. Doing It Yourself

Professional Data Center Decommissioning

While your long list of successful DIY projects is impressive, it’s best to leave data center decommissioning out of it.

With that being said, it’s important to hire professionals in data center migration to ensure that vital information of your clients and employees is kept secure and confidential upon relocation.

At Liquis, we provide top-of-the-line business solutions that cater to a wide range of data center decommissioning projects. From data migration, liquidation, and resale – we got you!


Professional Decommissioning


Why Use Professional Data Center Decommissioning Services?

Datacenter decommissioning is essential when you are moving to a new office or would need to replace old computers and servers with new units. The entire process can be overwhelming, technical, and complicated.

So, even if you want to do this yourself, you might spend a lot of time and waste more money than you’re supposed to as opposed to hiring experts. With that being said, it is time to rethink your business strategy, make smart investments, and hire for expertise.

Office Furniture and IT Inventory

It’s imperative to be detailed with the documentation of the following technology:

  • database
  • hardware
  • devices
  • routers
  • servers
  • computers
  • software
  • other peripherals.

This also includes an inventory of unused office furniture that should all be properly audited and accounted for to reduce unnecessary storage and maintenance costs.

A professional decommission company will usually have systems in place for the proper disposal of electronics in the form of e-waste recycling.

Data Confidentiality

If your computers have been collecting dust in your offices for some time now then there’s a high risk of a data security breach. With a knowledgeable expert in data destruction, your information is securely managed and wiped out from these devices to ensure safe resell.

Secure Data Destruction

Working with trained and experienced companies ensures data removal service is a breeze following client requirements. You have complete peace of mind that the data deletion process is confidential, seamless, and won’t compromise company privacy.

Equipment Recovery

Even the most expensive and advanced equipment or furniture will succumb to excessive wear and tear. However, when you have your data decommissioned, you protect your investments while keeping the process green or environmentally friendly. With that being said, you now have the option to save and restore your assets in their original condition as well as for recovery and reuse of equipment.


High risk of a data security breach


Strict Compliance

Hiring a legit provider to decommission your data center usually means you have the best support system to ensure your network adheres to strict compliance standards. Experts in the management of electronic waste recycling and asset disposition make sure that your data is protected and locked down tight, especially when you decide to relocate.

Asset Disposal

When you deal with the right professionals and property managers manning your assets, you are guaranteed returns on office space equipment or furniture that have reached the end-of-life stage upon relocation. You get rid of stress as you focus on your satisfaction ratings with customers. More so, you get to recoup the cost of your investments by way of recovery and liquidation of excess and unwanted items. Reaching your business goals and earning money is a walk in the park.

Invest in Data Migration Services!

Now, while investing in professional decommissioning services for your facility or office might be expensive upfront, it’s cost-effective because they are contractually obligated to protect your hardware and website.

When you hire the best team in data center decommissioning projects you will be more confident and can focus more on the relocation of your office, and things like lease agreements.

Ready to Migrate Your Data Center?

Ultimately, you always get what you pay for. Having unused equipment, unwanted office furniture, or software is a dead investment cluttering your old office space.

At Liquis, we do the heavy lifting for you! You are backed up by a team that is capable of managing data centers of all sizes for many businesses. We believe that happy clients and employees remain to be the best word-of-mouth advertising for companies. We work closely with our clients to make sure that every project is properly mapped out, consistent, and is tailored to your company’s unique needs and requirements.

When you decommission your data center, you save on costs, free up space, create and maximize the value of your assets and resources while ensuring streamlined and efficient data protection and compliance for your company over the course of time.

Ready to decommission your data center? Work with the right partner. Schedule an appointment with us via phone or website and get started today!


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