Where To Dispose Of Old Office Furniture

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Disposing of outdated office furniture and inventory is sometimes necessary when decommissioning a facility, moving to a new location, or just simply wanting an upgrade to the aesthetics of the work environment. Something as simple as replacing an old desk or chair will sometimes provide a more pleasant working atmosphere, which is essential to any business’s success. So, if you decide to dispose of the old office furniture in your company, here’s what you need to know.

Office Furniture Disposal - Liquis Inc

When Should an Office Furniture Disposal be Done?

The purpose of office equipment in a company is to make a workspace that is both functional and reinforces the productivity and well-being of the employees. Though as time progresses, all the furniture, such as desks and office chairs in companies, are bound to deteriorate as employees use the equipment regularly for years.

The employees’ state of mind, level of motivation, overall mental health, and performance are all influenced by their workplace environment. Generally, employees’ productivity may increase or decrease depending on the quality of the office setting and the furniture present.

Aside from this, your customers, investors or partners may visit your location frequently, so if the current condition of your inventory is broken, ripped or needing repair, it may be time to think about upgrading.

Therefore, it is suggested to replace firms’ old furniture, such as office chairs and tables, cubicles, and other office furnishings, every seven to ten years.

Where to Dispose of Old Office Furniture

When the time comes that a business needs furniture removal, the process of getting rid of its old furniture may be unclear. So, below are some cost-effective ways businesses can get rid of their used furniture.

1. Engage With a Reliable Third Party Company

A third-party firm can help you discard your office fixtures if you are confused about what to do when it’s broken or unsuitable for donation or sale.

Third-party firms may, for instance, be able to suggest a good removal service or even pick it up for you. Nevertheless, you should remember that paying logistics to transport your workplace’s fixtures away might be costly.

2. Sell Used Office Furniture to Employees

It might be better to provide your team an opportunity to purchase the office furniture from you rather than throw it away. There’s a chance that some employees would be willing to spend money to bring home an old office chair since they enjoy sitting in it so much.

Also, you may sell office furniture such as desks or filing systems for their at-home workplaces. You and your employees benefit from this arrangement: you make money off trading office furniture you no longer need, while your employees save money on new furniture.

3. Donate to Office Furniture Recycling Services

Instead of throwing the business fixtures, recycle them. Choosing any recyclable categories is a sustainable option for broken or unusable furniture. Some companies resorted to throwing away their large items like old office chairs, desks, and other old furniture, adding to landfill waste.

If this happens, the furniture will degrade slowly for decades. Decomposition releases greenhouse gases and hazardous compounds.

Reusing and recycling workplace furniture helps keep landfills from overflowing. Turning them into recyclable materials gives them a new purpose. Sometimes a recycling center treats donations like charity and issues receipts.


Donate to Office Furniture Recycling Services - Liquis Inc


4. Consider Selling Office Furniture on Resale Websites

You can retail your used office equipment if it’s in good shape. Also, you may want to sell your old desks, seats, and laptops to smaller enterprises with a lower budget. It’s healthier and suitable for the environment to check nearby potential buyers before discarding it.

If you don’t know how to market your stuffed furniture, you can utilize free resale websites to post the furniture and gain buyers. After all, creating and managing listings takes work, but businesses hoping to generate a little additional money may find it worthwhile.

Old Office Furniture Disposal Reduces Workplace Clutter

Many workspaces become less efficient and more cluttered as time passes because of their outdated fixtures that are kept around. That’s why every organization should have a proper process for discarding broken or unused office furniture to keep things running smoothly.

It may not seem like much of a challenge, but after spending all day in the same office, it’s easy to develop immunity to the mess. This causes issues in the workplace that nobody saw coming. So make sure to declutter the insignificant office tools with sustainable options.

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