Is E-waste Recycling Essential? WHY?

e-waste recycling

With each passing day, technology is getting advanced, and tech-savvy fellows are running to stores to grab the latest gadgets. Have you any conception about the subsequent condition of those older devices? Those backdated machines are sent to landfills, which damage the environment to a great extent. E-waste recycling collects the e-wastes and recycles them to reuse as 100% of e-waste is recyclable.

COVID-19 outbreak has introduced ‘New Normal’ where people are required to work from home. In this situation, the demand for electronic gadgets has multiplied. Several corporations are shutting down the offices for relocation or other purposes. Hiring a reputed e-waste recycling company will be wise to assist you while liquidating the e-assets. Therefore, continue reading the blog to gain more insights about the importance of e-waste recycling.


Let’s check out the service areas operated by a reliable e-waste recycling agency.


Facility Decommission  In case a manufacturing plant or a corporation is drawing to an end, hiring an e-waste recycling company will be wise. They will handle the data center gear, computer accessories, inventory, and office furniture. They recover assets like servers, raised flooring, power supply, battery back-up, pallet-racking, electrical switchgear, generators, conveyors, workbenches, ACs, and other machinery pieces. 
Data Center Decommission  Datacenter decommissions, and data center migration are both essential services when it comes to managing e-wastes. A sincere team will,

  • Remove wires, cables, and pipes.
  • Remove the raised floors.
  • Repair the ceilings, floors, and walls.
  • Recycle the unmovable pieces of machinery
  • Remove the AC units
Office Furniture If you shut your office down, the furniture and other appliances inside will be useless. Hence, you can play it smart and hire a reputed e-waste management team to remove,

  • Computer desks
  • Reception furniture
  • Break room furniture
  • Cubicles
  • Security systems
  • Printers
  • Executive furniture
  • Conference furniture
  • Telephone system
Data Destruction  This is an important area of service. You should never leave your gadget abandoned, which is full of sensitive information. Such mistakes may hamper your entire business by leaking essential documents outside. Hence, be smart and make sure to erase your crucial data from the devices. 
Asset Recovery  In the corporate world, expensive security systems, computers, monitors, ACs, TVs, printers, and other related gadgets are considered assets. While shutting your business off, make sure to recover the assets in the best way. 
Asset Management  Similar to recovering the assets, managing them is also an essential task. Apart from asset liquidation, a verified team disposes of,

  • CRT and LCD monitors
  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • Servers
  • Telephone
  • Computer mice
Recycling  If you don’t recycle e-waste, it will hamper the environment by emitting hazardous chemicals like barium, nickel, arsenic, mercury, etc. 
Generator Removal  If you are confused about what to do with a damaged generator, talk to a reliable e-waste management team’s executives. 
Industrial Removal  They also remove industrial waste such as,


3 Noteworthy Ways to Dispose of your E-waste

Electronics waste is a threat to the earth’s health. If not, recycled electronic gadgets will start ruining the environment in the worst way. And for this reason, as a responsible resident, you must hire a reliable waste management team to lead the recycling program. There are 5 safe ways you can donate your e-wastes,

  • Hire the best electronic waste disposal team in the town: You should always trust a certified electronic waste recycling team to handle the liquidation process. Give the word to an e-waste management company that is verified by BAN (Basel Action Network). They take responsibility and maintain specific rules and regulations in favor of both the company and the environment. Starting with computer speakers to DVD players and land phones, they can manage everything.


  • You are free to sell off your backdated equipment: You can always sell your old electronic gadgets that are functional. You can put computer monitors, cell phones, satellite receivers on sale and get some money from there. You may not know that most of the electronic shops are always ready to buy old electronic equipment. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable recyclers near me, hire a reputed BAN certified team to initiate a smooth electronics recycling.


  • You can donate your old office junk to the needy people: If your office is drawing to a close, then you can think of helping others with your functional material. For instance, you can offer the office computer desks, monitors, and CPUs to the NGO students. This will provide you with satisfaction for sure.



1. What is e-waste?

E-waste or electronic waste is the discarded gadget that people no longer use and keep as waste. Electronic equipment such as a malfunctioning computer, laptop, mobiles, cell phones, printers, televisions, copiers, stereos, smartphones, iPods, iPhones, batteries, fax machines, tabs can be considered as electronic wastes. E-wastes should never be sent to landfill but recycled in a proper way to prevent pollution.

2. Why is it important to recycle e-waste?

An electronic device is always non-disposable. Either you can recycle it or throw it away to damage the environment. Reputed e-waste management companies are hired by businesses and manufacturers when they plan to terminate the office. The team collects the desktops,  laptop computers, tablets, laptops, desktop printers, keyboards, TVs, VCRs, and even other devices like cable and plastics for recycling programs. In this way, 100% of the e-waste becomes ready to reuse without harming this planet.

3. How does e-waste recycling teamwork?

Several well-known agencies conduct trendy recycling processes apart from conventional ways. They not only handle e-wastes but also consider removing the tables, chairs, lockers, cubicles, reception and conference furniture, AC units, telephone systems, and more.  Just contact a reliable team, and they will handle the mess. You are free to drop an email as well.

 4. Why is e-waste a threat to the environment?

The first reason that justifies e-waste as a harmful junk is its non-disposable nature. These products contain threatening chemicals such as beryllium, arsenic, cathode rays, lead, barium, nickel, mercury, etc. Leaving the damaged gadgets in the landfills will pollute the soil with these harmful excretions. Hence it is essential to avail of the recycling facilities from the reputed agencies in the town.

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