How To Liquidate Office Furniture

liquidate office furniture

Selling or liquidating office furniture is simply the process of selling used office furniture which has still maintained its good quality, shape, and appearance.

The process of office furniture liquidation can actually be considered as one of the most complicated or difficult tasks to do especially when it comes to determining the way to sell or liquidate such furniture.

Factors involved are the cost, time, efficiency, office space, the place for the transaction, and many more. Due to these factors, various people often consider hiring professional furniture liquidators. They can handle this task without having something to worry about regarding such matters.



Best Solutions for Office Furniture Liquidation

Office furniture items include chairs, desks, cubicles, tables, and many more. The entire process that a company needs to undertake is not hassle-free but will be entirely worth it.

The money that you get from the sales can be used to purchase new office furniture. This new furniture can truly add better value to the business.

Without further ado, here are the best possible solutions for owners to liquidate office furniture:

Provide a considerable amount of time

It is important to schedule a proper amount of time for your current business office furniture to be evaluated, re-used, or recycled.

Many people start to plan their relocation a year in advance, but they often leave their furniture removal until the very last minute.

Hire professionals

Some companies use full-time office managers instead of searching for office furniture liquidators whose services are to oversee and manage their office furniture.

A furniture liquidator is a professional that provides services liquidating business furniture. He knows everything about taking an existing property and making the removal and installation of all furniture.

Keep a well-detailed inventory of office furniture

Many companies assume that a complete inventory of their office furniture like desks, chairs, cubicles, and tables will enhance the value of liquidating these assets.

This service is likely to be a waste of business resources, especially if any money is exchanged.

Any liquidation company that truly does its job will insist on verifying the merchandise inventory and valuing it themselves.

Relocating office furniture into storage or liquidation?

Businesses should take into consideration that the total costs included in the process may lead to a smaller final price tag if they choose to sell their furniture.

With a liquidation, you don’t have to continue paying storage fees for your furniture.

Recruit a furniture wholesaler rather than a furniture broker

Although the removal of any home furniture is usually optional, many brokers will require it to be removed before agreeing to an offer.

It’s a good idea to read your lease agreement before renting a space, so you know what the consequences of missing deadlines are.

A furniture wholesale liquidator will buy your furniture and remove it within a month. He may set up a showroom that will showcase all of your items with a detailed menu of how long they have been used or their current price.

The bigger picture

To get the best deal when liquidating your existing office furniture, you’ll need to hire an expert to evaluate it.

Some specialty items might sell better in select stores with a showroom, but it’s important to remember that this seldom leads to a net gain.

Removing the items that are of value to you might end up leaving less desirable pieces behind.


Businesses have been trying hard to sell their used furniture by themselves. For some, this may seem like the better option due to financial concerns.

But trust us, this will take up a lot of your time. Let the professionals handle it for you. Here at Liquis, we have a thorough understanding of the market and will make the entire project flow easily and swiftly as possible.

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Final Words

We hope that this article has provided all the necessary information regarding office furniture liquidation. We appreciate your time in reading this blog. Please feel free to drop your comments below.

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