What Is Modern Office Furniture Liquidation, And How Does It Work?

Office furniture

Modern office furniture liquidation is a process by which furniture and home furnishings from offices, doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools, and businesses are donated or sold to the public at an affordable price.

This cost-effective way to buy assets has been the choice of thousands of individuals and business owners that have reaped the benefits and savings that come with this type of furniture liquidation.

To learn more about this subject and the different ways that you can take advantage of it, read on!


Used office furniture


What Is Used Office Furniture Liquidation?

Liquis, a modern office furniture liquidator seeks out items such as desks and chairs which have been used in an office environment. There are many reasons why companies and offices choose to liquidate their furnishings.

For one, it allows them to free up space and gather enough finances to fund new furnishings. Secondly, with used furniture liquidation, it can offset the investment to acquire new items at a lower cost overall than straight out paying for all new items. This is especially true for companies that have bought office furniture from sources such as Herman Miller or Sam’s Club. Finally, liquidating office equipment is an ideal choice for businesses that are decommissioning, migrating or closing up shop.

How Does Office Space Furniture Liquidation Work?

Office furniture liquidation is a very simple process. In fact, many companies like to keep it as simple as possible because it means that they’ll be able to dispose of their used furniture and new furniture with minimal fuss and error.

The most common way to liquidate office furniture is to have an auction. A vast majority of companies will choose a date and time with other office furniture liquidators and other companies in mind. They’ll then pass out flyers or offer coupons to advertise the sale. The equipment they purchase will be listed on the company’s website or showroom, and people can begin making bids on the refurbished office furniture or liquidated office furniture offerings including:

  • filing cabinets
  • new office furniture
  • office chair with lumbar support
  • brand name furniture
  • conference tables
  • task chairs
  • quality furniture for executive offices and home office
  • old furniture
  • new furniture
  • end tables
  • used cubicles
  • new cubicles

Another way that companies liquidate second hand office furniture is through direct selling. In this case, the company gets in contact with its customers or partners and makes them an offer to sell them old office furniture from another business.

It’s a win-win situation for the business since the clients get a good deal for great furniture while they save money at the same time. Some liquidating services even have a warehouse that acts like a showroom of furnishing options for shopping, inventory, and purchasing.


Used office furniture


Liquis: Office Decommissioning And Affordable Office Furniture Company

At Liquis, we specialize in the industrial and office furniture liquidation. Look to us for selling all of your old furnishings as well as industrial and commercial equipment. Our appraisal experts are highly trained to get rid of the following furniture with unmatched expertise:

  • computer
  • quality seating
  • doors
  • desk/desks
  • used office furniture
  • company cubicles
  • raw materials

You won’t have to worry about mishandling your seating or not getting the best value for your money – because we’ve got it all handled! At Liquis, we want to make sure that you’ve made the best decision possible.

Ready to sell? Send us a message today and get started on liquidating your office furniture the right way.

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