Why Do You Need Office Liquidation

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If you are in charge of a company undergoing a facility shutdown or buyout, office liquidation service providers can ensure you don’t have to work with multiple companies that may only provide limited decommissioning services, or who take only a certain type or certain brand of products for liquidation.

Light Office Remodeling

An experienced and fully staffed office liquidation company can even help building owners put their offices back into leasing shape by providing drywall repair or replacement, carpet repair, asbestos removal, and other services.


Whether you are a large company that needs dependable monthly e-waste recycling, or a smaller company that would like to collect e-waste for recycling on your own and send it when you are ready, facility decommissioning service companies should be able to easily accommodate these demands as well. 

Office Furniture

Liquidation service providers don’t just pick and choose the office furniture and equipment they want. Regardless of the access of the building, office or facility, a good office liquidator should be able to take anything out, appraise the furniture and help you decide the best course of action. This saves you time and money because you don’t have to deal with scheduling and managing multiple liquidation companies that may just take cubicles, computer systems, or Cisco products.

More Important Services Included

When it comes to liquidating an office, facility or data center, you will undoubtedly encounter many things, large and small, that you would have never thought of. Therefore, whomever you commission to take on the task of liquidation should be first and foremost, a capable consultant.

Further, you will want to make sure that you get all the help you need in IT related data destruction services, as well as proper and legal recycling and disposal of sensitive data. The removal of UPC batteries and industrial generators is no easy task to say the least. Companies like Liquis are full service liquidators, and are trained in crane operation and the safe removal and transport of large equipment like this, as well as boilers, coolers and vertical carousel removal.


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