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There are several reasons why a company may need to liquidate some of its office furniture. The facility shut down and relocation? Probably. Clearing items to have more office space? Another possibility. The fact is that liquidation of office furniture can be a burden due to the various inventory paperwork involved and multiple transactions needed.

Now, here is some good news: office liquidation need not be a burden anymore! There are a lot of companies offering liquidation services to businesses in need. So if you are looking for office liquidators, this article is for you.



Looking to Liquidate?

In a broad sense, liquidation generally means putting a stop to anything related to company operations and project management while discharging, selling or re-allocating the assets of the business. One of the activities done throughout the process of liquidation is the recovery of used office furniture and other assets. But, what might be the cause of office furniture liquidation?

Relocating or Moving

Sometimes, a company has to transfer offices to a different place for better performance or compliance with a legal order. In any case, relocation of office furniture may not be easy as shipping is a logistical difficulty, so it would be simpler to sell them than to add them to your inventory of unrecovered assets.


Businesses do not always go well. If an enterprise is not making enough money, it might need to downsize. This entails retrenching workers and undergoing equipment and office furniture liquidation.

Items You Can Liquidate

Let’s say your business is in the process of moving out and you still have a lot of used printing papers in stock. Can you ask office liquidators to recover assets from your scratch papers? Of course not! There is only a limited set of items that are recoverable through liquidation.

Used Office Desks and Chairs

These don’t need explanation. There is always another business that needs a set of desks and chairs for its employees. Cubicles are also in-demand products in the second-hand market so you can ask your liquidators to cross them off your inventory list.

File Cabinets and Bookcases

Aside from cubicles and tables, pieces of office furniture that are used for storage are also needed by business people. They are essential for filing and safekeeping important documents.

Computers, Printers, and Photocopiers

Of course, electronic appliances are as important as office furniture, so they are ideal items to sell during a liquidation. As long as they are still working, you can sell them.

How to Liquidate Office Items

As mentioned earlier, the liquidation of office furniture is an arduous and painstaking process. No need to worry! With the experienced team at Liquis, you can have all the liquidators you need.

Liquis is one of the biggest enterprises offering decommissioning services in the US. So whether you are from California or Washington DC, you may depend on Liquis for your liquidation needs. More than that, this company has a fully functional web page that you can use to reach out to them. Just go to their “Contact Us” page, and then you can send them your inquiry together with your name and e mail address. You can also verify if Liquis operates near your area or city.

Hiring liquidators from decommissioning service companies is a good way to earn quick cash from your used office furniture. Any furniture at hand, regardless of brands or designs, is easier to sell through the help of companies like Liquis.

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