Recycle or Resell Data Center Hardware?

Recycle or Resell old servers

As we move to the cloud, more data center IT executives push for a more cost-effective approach to asset disposition to mitigate risk and recoup the capital down to its nearest cent.

The real question is, should you sell data center equipment or recycle it? In this article, we will shed light on what could be the best solution for your company.



Before Disposal of Used Data Center Equipment Procedures

Used data center assets are a gold mine of sensitive data and clients’ information. From old computer equipment to other networking equipment, there are data erasure regulatory requirements that you should follow to ensure the proper disposal of your used data center equipment.

Before selling or recycling your servers, old computers, and network hardware, the responsible person should prepare a list of IT equipment for decommissioning to speed up the asset disposition process with your ITAD partner.

All old equipment, including server racks, tape libraries, tape drives, switches, routers, and other IT equipment, are collected for disposal and stored in an accessible place.

It is very usual for data center technicians to scour the equipment for drives and memory component parts that can be utilized for sparing between the time of purchase and shipping. It will take time to amend the first order if your ITAD partner arrives for collection and the assets on your docket do not match the assets ready to ship.

Benefits of Reselling Old Data Center Equipment

It can be a surprise, but your old servers and used equipment may still have a positive resale value in the market. Here are some of the benefits if you decide to sell your used data centers:

Recoupment of Cost

You may recover the residual value of your old assets if you choose to resell them to a legitimate ITAD partner. Though the monetary amount you receive depends on the old equipment’s condition, it’s still a gain on your end.

Your Network Equipment is in Good Hands

ITAD vendors know how to handle your broken and obsolete IT assets. When you sell it to them, you don’t have to go through the arduous process of dealing with electronic waste (e-waste) and other things because they are knowledgeable about removing systems from active use. Be sure to check if they are R2 certified company and their other services.

Data Security

Many ITAD vendors offer comprehensive services relating to the data destruction for your old server equipment and shredding your hard drives according to the existing enterprise regulations.


old files must be destroyed


Benefits of Recycled Hardware

Newer models are shifting towards more environmentally-friendly raw materials, and companies are trying to repurpose their old hardware.

Higher Market Value

Memory, processor, server, hard drive, circuit boards, and other hardware have gold components, so computer recycling aims to recoup that value. The parts are shredded and separated for gold using magnets. The non-waste products are rendered non-toxic and adequately disposed of.

More Sustainable Solution

Recycling used servers are far more complicated than re-selling them. It is mainly due to the service cost required to dismantle the old servers and restore their contents. On the other hand, the recycle method is the best alternative for companies who sign for worthy causes to save the environment from pollution, toxic contamination, and exploitation. However, recycling costs are associated, such as removal, de-manufacturing, and data deletion on hard drives.

Economical and Energy-Efficient

Unlike mining and refining new materials, repurposing old servers require less energy and chemicals. It is an economical form of disposing of your hardware as it can be locally done.

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