When it comes to excess or obsolete assets, the most important issue is limiting a company’s liabilities. Liquis provides the best liability protection where you need it the most, Data Security and Asset Recycling. Improperly disposing of electronic gear or reselling scrap in an unmanaged manner is an enormous legal and environmental liability. Liquis’ end-to-end tracking software, downstream audits and internal processes provides you with the best liability control available.

Working with Liquis is a simple proposition for your company. At Liquis, our e-waste recycling services are flexible enough to work on your terms. Multi-location, multi-product, your site or ours, large scale, small scale and customized reporting are all possible with Liquis.

Liquis e-PAQ: A self-managed E-waste solution

Liquis offers an easy solution for recycling all of your e-waste. With one call, or after completing the online form, we send you an e-PAQ that you assemble and load with your e-waste. The e-PAQ can handle up to 1500 lbs of PCs, laptops, network equipment, servers, CRT & LCD monitors, telecom gear, UPS & laptop batteries, computer accessories, software, and cables & phone cords. You can fill it immediately or keep it as long as you like. After filling it up, call us and we’ll arrange return shipping. We will process all of the ewaste, recycle everything, and provide detailed reporting of your assets. This complete turnkey service is offered for one low rate. For an additional fee, we’ll wipe and destroy all data on all hard drives and provide detailed reporting of the serial numbers of the hard drives as well as the details of the wipe or destruction.

One Rate One Crate

The Liquis e-PAQ could not be simpler to deploy to all of your locations in the US that have surplus IT assets. After just one call, and for one rate, your company will receive the e-PAQ, be able to fill it up, and have all of your ewaste and recyclable IT equipment professionally managed. We’ll arrange shipping to our secure warehouse, inventory everything, record information that is important to you like the asset tags, serial numbers of the machines, as well as responsibly recycle all of the items. All of this for just one rate. How could that be easier?

E-waste recycling container for IT gear
Video with Directions

This video shows just how easy it can be to receive, assemble, fill up and return the e-PAQ from your building. Wait until you’ve got a bunch of assets ready to go or fill it up over time. Either way, call or email Liquis when you are ready to have the assets processed and we’ll arrange to have the e-PAQ picked up and returned to our processing facility.

E-Waste Recycling for Companies Nationwide

To protect themselves from liability, companies need to take the proper disposal or reselling of their e-waste seriously. Liquis offers e-waste recycling and data destruction solutions to help companies of all sizes manage their e-waste and meet legal requirements. Liquis maintains a zero-landfill policy and adheres to standards that meet or exceed local, state and federal guidelines. Plus, we limit our downstream partners to ensure better quality control, and we require that they meet or exceed EPA standards and are ISO 14001 compliant and/or ISO 9001 compliant.

We carefully evaluate the type of electronic waste that your business produces and how much of it can be resold, recycled, or must be disposed of, and then we formulate an e-waste recycling plan that will mutually benefit both parties. If your company produces a large amount of e-waste, we can schedule regular pickups. If your e-waste takes longer to accumulate, we can leave one or more of our convenient e-Paq containers at your office or facility. You can fill them with your obselete computers, excess keyboards, nonfunctioning equipment, and any unwanted electronics at your convenience and then ship them to us or we’ll come pick them up when they are full.

e-waste recycling

Once we take your e-waste for recycling or remarketing, you’ll be able to manage your account and track your inventory with our LiquiTraq online asset management tools. Whether you would like to view bi-weekly reports or you want detailed information on a particular asset instantly, LiquiTraq makes it easy.

If you’re handling a data center shutdown or want more information on e-waste recycling and our other asset recovery services for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and the entire nation, contact Liquis today.

Computer Recycling Services

If your company relies heavily on computers for its day-to-day operations, as most do, then you are likely producing e-waste that needs to be legally disposed of through professional computer recycling and certified data destruction services. Throughout the past decade, Liquis has grown to become one of the nation’s largest asset recovery, computer liquidation, and e-waste recycling service providers. We have the expertise and resources to manage your business’ e-waste, no matter if your business is large or small, has one or multiple branches, or what industry it operates in.

Depending on the type, amount, and frequency of your electronic waste accumulation, we’ll set up the proper management solution for your particular computer recycling needs. Whether you are undergoing a facility shutdown and need a one-time pickup of your computers and other electronic waste, or would like to create an ongoing partnership in which we schedule regular pickups, we’ll find a solution that works best for both parties. For smaller companies or those with less computer waste, we even offer convenient e-Paq containers, which can be filled up and either shipped or picked up after they are filled.

computer recycling image

Our computer recycling professionals will first fully wipe your PCs and laptops to Department of Defense (DoD) standards, and even use our proprietary LiquiShred software to perform a multi-check on the system to ensure all data is thoroughly erased. They will then carefully break down your computers down to their basic components for recycling or remarketing. Every piece is cataloged, photographed, and entered in our easy-to-use and highly secure LiquiTraq asset management system, where you’ll have complete access to tracking and reporting tools that exceed auditing standards.

For more information on our computer recycling services for businesses in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and throughout the entire nation, contact Liquis today.

UPS Battery Recycling Assistance for Businesses Anywhere in the U.S.

UPS battery recycling is a necessary process for virtually every company that utilizes uninterruptible power supplies to provide emergency power for their equipment. Although it may be tempting to simply throw away the batteries contained in the UPS, this is unadvisable as they contain hazardous materials that could pose a threat to the environment if sent to a landfill. This is especially true when dealing with large numbers of batteries, as when a data center shuts down. If your company requires UPS battery recycling services, whether it’s due to facility shutdown or your batteries are simply reaching the end of the their lifespan, turn to the experts at Liquis. We can properly dispose of or recycle all types of UPS and APC batteries while following the proper safety protocols. In fact, we can even remove Absolyte batteries, which can be especially difficult to dispose of.

In order to best serve you, we can tailor our services to meet your company’s needs, no matter the size of the facility or the scope of the job. We pride ourselves on our years of experience, our impeccable attention to detail, and the flexibility of our services, which together allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations again and again.

If you’re looking for an experienced and trustworthy company to handle UPS battery recycling, as well as a whole range of other services, contact Liquis today.

UPS battery-recycling
Our services, however, include much more than recycling batteries. At Liquis, we can specialize in all aspects of the data center decommission process, including:

APC Battery Recycling for Businesses All Across the Nation

Although it’s tempting to simply throw your APC battery away, recycling them is a far better option. These UPS batteries contain hazardous chemicals that can harm the environment if not properly disposed of. Whether your batteries are merely unusable or you are shutting down your entire data center facility, you can look to Liquis for assistance. We have the knowledge needed to ensure that your batteries are recycled in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines. Plus, we are completely committed to providing you with the most up-to-date asset reporting possible, so you’ll be kept up to speed throughout the recycling process.

Perhaps you’re seeking to dispose of these items in preparation for a facility shutdown. If so, we have the range of capabilities and resources needed to completely clean out your building and restore it to its original condition. Our experts can customize a plan to meet your company’s particular needs and satisfy any stakeholders’ demand.

For more information on our APC battery recycling options, as well as any of our other services, including IT asset recovery, contact Liquis today. Our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions.

battery recycling
In addition to APC battery disposal, we have experience recycling or remarketing a number of diverse assets, such as: