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The Salt Lake City Utah area is incredibly scenic. If you need help with asset liquidation in order to move to or move away from the area, then Liquis is your go to company. We’ve been around for over a decade and will be able to assist you in the move across the city, across the state, across the country, or even up into Canada. We can also help with upsizing or downsizing your business or plant. An IT recycler has to be on the ball these days, because of the prevalence of ID theft. We do everything, as well as keeping the motto recycle, reuse, and reduce in the forefront of our minds.

Our incredible staff is knowledgeable, professional, and completely customer service oriented. If you’ve been looking for a computer recycler in Salt Lake City for a long time, then there is no need to look any further. We can help you with the removal of data, as well as leased asset returns, building repair, and even temporary floor removal inside of your Salt Lake City Utah office building or plant. Don’t forget about those overhead floors! Our expertise is in data destruction and we are well aware of the detrimental effects to leaving your “spare” data simply lying around.

We'll help you with everything to do with your asset liquidation in Salt Lake City, including and not limited to:

When you sign up with Liquis, the best liquidation company in Salt Lake City and the country, you’ll have plenty of extra time to enjoy incredible outdoor recreational opportunities which Salt Lake City Utah has to offer. There are many wonderful centers for business, arts and entertainment, and other activities such as simply shopping!

You can contact Liquis via email, reach us at our toll free phone number: 800 437 9703 xt 101, or fill out the form below and we’ll reply immediately.

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