If you’re looking for a great liquidation company in Cincinnati to help you with your business either shutting down, moving to or from Cincinnati Ohio, then our company — Liquis — may be of great assistance to you. We can help you with downsizing or upsizing or a move across the city, state, or the country, and including up north into Canada. We are able to handle your assets, which can include electrical gear, robots, generators, pallet racking, and any of your Cincinnati computer recycling needs.
If you need a complete facility shutdown in the Cincinnati Ohio area, then your lease contract may require building repair, data center removal, raised flooring removals, or conveyor dismantlement. Our professional staff has a great attitude, is friendly towards their customers, and will be able to help you with any questions regarding your Cincinnati IT recycling needs.

Amongst our numerous IT liquidation and computer recycling services, include:

Liquis is the perfect go to liquidation company for your needs. If you’re new to the Cincinnati Ohio area, or leaving it after many years, you may already know that it’s a terrific area for both business and leisure activities. A hub for business, it’s also great for browsing museums, shopping, or attending the theater.

You can contact Liquis via email, reach us at our toll free phone number: 800 437 9703 xt 101, or fill out the form below and we’ll reply immediately.

Liquidation in Cincinnati