Orlando Florida serves as an incredible magnet for millions of visitors from across the world, because of its large number of theme parks like Universal and Disney World, as well as its wonderful climate, and numerous business opportunities. If you’re considering moving from or to Orlando, upsize your downsizing, moving across the city or state, or even if you’re thinking about moving across the country or up into Canada, we are your go to liquidation company.

Liquishas been around for over a decade, so our staff is very experienced and can answer any of your questions regarding your upcoming liquidation in Orlando. They are customer service oriented, and extremely professional. We tailor all of our contracts to each particular client. Our expertise is vital if you need to move or delete large amounts of data. ID theft is on the rise because of the huge number of technology vehicles which everyone uses these days. That’s why computer recycling has to be done properly, whether it’s in Orlando Florida or anywhere else.

A few of the many tasks related to IT liquidation and computer recycling in Orlando that we can help you with, are:

Carve yourself out much more leisure time for staff and yourself, by using our company, Liquis. Orlando Florida has a terrific and vital arts scene, as well as being home to many different museums and theaters. Outdoor activities abound because of the glorious weather. Let our liquidation company help you enjoy your time in Orlando.

You can contact Liquis via email, reach us at our toll free phone number: 800 437 9703 xt 101, or fill out the form below and we’ll reply immediately.

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