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Perhaps you’re considering downsizing, upsizing, or even liquidating your company in the San Diego California area. You may even be moving across the state, country, or up into Canada. We are one of the best IT recycling companies in San Diego and the U.S. We can help you with and specialize in automated data wipe confirmations, on-site data destruction, and data tracking. Industry, and every individual, has to do as much as they can these days in order to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Our company, Liquis, has been around since 2002. If you’re in the Southern California area, we’ll help you to mitigate your liability by handling large amounts of data, and using an automated process to manage your IT recycling. We’ve got terrific customer service and professional staff ready to help you with any questions about your San Diego area computer recycling needs.

If data destruction has been on your mind, then we can help you by:

San Diego California is an incredible location to conduct business and also to enjoy many leisure activities. Because we are one of the best liquidation companies in the country, you’ll have plenty of time left over to do both.

You can contact Liquis via email, reach us at our toll free phone number: 800 437 9703 xt 101, or fill out the form below and we’ll reply immediately.

Liquidation in San-Diego