About Liquis

Liquis, founded in 2002, is one of the largest facility decommissioning services companies in the U.S.

When corporations shut down offices, manufacturing plants, data centers or any other facilities, there is a multitude of assets to manage, along with a host of services needed to prepare the facility for sale, return or re-lease. Liquis can manage certain parts of the project, or the entire facility shutdown, turnkey.

Closing and liquidating assets out of corporate-owned facilities are difficult and daunting tasks. There are often overlapping areas of responsibilities and competing interests concerning the many assets involved, creating a difficult environment for an efficient liquidation. Our experience in this environment combined with our detailed processes enables us to quickly and effectively manage complex shut-downs satisfying all stakeholders involved.

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Over 300 customers leverage Liquis’ services at single and/or multiple locations worldwide, small or large scale.

We tailor each contract to best suit each customers’ needs. Our contracts range from decommissioning assets from one small office, to multi-facility, phased, large scale decommissions planned months in advance.

These 300+ customers include
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