Asset Management

When it comes to a facility shutdown or office liquidation, managing the assets of the location is one of the most critical steps in the process that cannot be overlooked.  Whether it be sensitive data stored on servers, furniture and even logs and records, these are important assets that need to be properly handled and facilitated before a company can completely terminate an office or facility.

It is our duty and responsibility at Liquis to discuss asset management with all officers of a company in order to understand how we help to manage and coordinate the movement of the many assets that a location acquired, holds, and may become privileged to. We offer this service in most cases because we have trained IT professionals at the ready to make the most out of assets.

Liquis Makes Liquidation of Assets Easy

When the liquidation of assets is in your future, you can count on Liquis to make the process as simple as possible while maximizing your returns. Our professionals have years of experience in shutting down facilities all across the country, so you can count on them to efficiently and methodically dispose of all of your unneeded items. Perhaps you’re looking to liquidate the assets in your data center, a situation which poses many possible problems. Luckily, Liquis is prepared to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Some of these assets likely have sensitive information on them, which is why we offer data destruction solutions to our clients. We can electronically wipe hard drives to meet Department of Defense standards, and we can even mechanically crush components to ensure information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Other services we offer include e-waste recycling, asset tracking, IT asset recovery, warehousing, and shutting down entire facilities. With this range of capabilities, our team of experienced professionals can discuss your particular asset liquidation needs with you, and then come up with a solution that works best for your situation.

For more information on making the liquidation of your assets as simple as possible, contact Liquis today.

I.T. Liquidation Asset

One of the major issues in asset liquidation is simply removing the items from the facility in question. We have the skills needed to take out the following items:

IT Asset Disposition Experts at Liquis Asset Recovery

IT asset disposition is an important issue for many businesses. Because technology is constantly evolving and improving, it is often necessary to remove obsolete equipment from facilities. If you’re unsure of how to dispose of the outdated technology at your business, you can turn to the professionals at Liquis. We have years of experience handling all forms of IT equipment.

If any of these products are cluttering up your facility, you can either ship in your unwanted assets or ask us to pick them up from your workspace. In fact, Liquis can make the pick up process more convenient by providing you with our heavy-duty e-PAQ boxes, which you can pack full with up to 1,500 pounds of IT assets at your leisure. When you’ve filled the crate, you can simply call us to arrange return shipping to our facility. There, we can commence the disposition of the included items by processing all of your e-waste, wiping or mechanically destroying hard drives, and carefully recycling all of the equipment.

Contact Liquis today to learn more about our IT asset disposition services. Our experts will also be happy to answer questions about our other services, including data center decommission, asset recovery, and facility shutdown.

asset disposition
Here is a sample of the products we have recycled through our IT asset disposition services in the past:

IT Asset Recycling for Facilities Throughout the United States

IT asset recycling can be a simple and stress-free process when you trust the professionals at Liquis to handle the job. Rather than risk the legal, environmental and logistical problems that can arise from improperly disposing of your used electronics or trying to resell them without careful management, look to our experts. We maintain a zero-landfill policy and meet or exceed the guidelines given by federal, state, and local officials. This policy extends to our downstream partners, who are required to meet or exceed EPA standards and be ISO14001 or ISO9000 compliant.

After your assets arrive – whether by delivery or pickup – we’ll begin tracking them with our proprietary LiquiTraq software. This IT asset recycling service gives you instant access to the information on all of your items during the data destruction and recycling process. We will diligently wipe your computers’ hard drives to Department of Defense 5220-22-M three-pass standards, and we can even mechanically crush the components to ensure the utmost security throughout the recycling process.

For more information on the IT asset recycling services Liquis has to offer, contact us today. Our trained professionals are also able to help you with our data center decommission, recycling, and facility shutdown services.

I.T. Liquidation
At Liquis, we can buy, remove, and recycle a wide range of products, such as:

Asset Reporting Assistance from the Professionals at Liquis

Ensuring accurate asset reporting is essential whether you’re shutting down a facility, moving to a new location, or simply making room in your office. At Liquis, we provide an array of services that may prove useful to you – from e-waste recycling to data center decommissioning – and all of them involve detailed asset reporting.

Once we have removed these products, or you have shipped them to our location, we will take a careful inventory and record the asset tags of every item that we receive before deciding how to best handle it. Whether you have hard drives that require data destruction, e-waste that needs to be recycled, or items that can be remarketed to other companies, your products will be tracked using our LiquiTraq software. Not only can this proprietary software provide you with instant access to information on all of your assets, it will also put the asset reporting tools that you need right at your fingertips. It’s just one way that Liquis can make asset management as easy as possible for you.

For more information on our asset recovery services, including the asset reporting component, contact Liquis today.

Business Report
Perhaps you’re undergoing a facility shutdown and need to restore the location to its original condition, per your landlord’s orders. We can remove everything from the building, including the following assets: